Colour Assessment     Fixed Angle Table  
        Paint Materials  
        Standard Lamps  
  Colour Fastness     Blue Wool Light Fastness Standard  
        Crocking / Rubbing Fabric  
        Grey Scales  
        Light Fastness Testing Materials  
        Multifibre Adjacent Fabrics  
        Washing / Launding Fastness Testing Materials  
  Fabric Cutter     Blades  
        Rubber Board  
        Rotory Pinking Knife  
        Rotory Straight Knife  
        Cutting Mat  
  Martindale     Abrasive Fabrics  
        Felt Pads (Woven & Non-woven)  
  Pilling     Cork Liner  
        Cotton Sliver  
  Replicas / Photographs     Smoothness Appearance  
        Crease Appearance  
        Chart for Spray Test  
        Pilling for EMPA  
        Stain Release  
        Yarn Appearance Standard  
  Shrinkage     Standard Testing Detergent  
        Stability Templates, Percentage Rulers & Marking Pens  
        Washing Load Fabric / Ballasts  
  Phenolic Yellowing Test Kit     Control Fabrics  
        BHT-Free Polythene Film  
        Impregnated Test Paper  
        Template for Cutting the BHT-free Polythene Film  
        Glass Plates  

And many more, please ask for detail.